A Photographers Guide to Contrast (5:42)

Without light, there is no photography. The three most important qualities of light for photographers: brightness, color, and contrast. In this video, you will find out exactly how contrast works. You’ll learn how different types of light can create high-contrast or low-contrast images, and how you can change your light sources to get the results you want.

Why Does an Edit Feel Right? (According to Science) (13:00)

Emotional response rhythm in editing = “time + energy + movement, shaped by timing, pacing and trajectory phrasing” for the purpose of creating cycles of tension and release Knowledge embodiment = connect yourself to the movement Continual eye movement is not often best: smooth attention vs movement phrasing (rhythm) Kinesthetic imagination – let the audience imagine the in-betweens

Virtual YouTubers: Japan’s Digital Celebrities (8:33)

This video first talks about the background information of VTuber. It has been more and more popular due to the emphasis on anonymity in Japanese internal culture, for example, having mass covered singers, 3D real-time avatars with final emotion animated in the past. It then introduces some famous VTubers and analyses their elements of success. With different personality and style, for instance, Kizuna AI always over exaggerating her intelligence and sharp wit to make fun of herself, Kaguya Luna is presented to be boisterous and loud hilarious, Mira Akari has pretended to be a pure idol type but slip into...