Top 20 Best Effects in After Effects (10:01)

Force Motion Blur: add motion blur to moving object Fill: Change colour of the entire object Motion Tile: create transition or slideshow Vignette: add edge round to create a style Drop Shadow: create song shadows to make things pop out from the background 3D Camera Tracker: Track 3D data of a shot Light Sweep: use over the title to bring attention Audio Spectrum: create an audio reaction to music Warp Stabiliser: easily remove camera shake, more smooth Lumetri Colour: for color correction Particle World: manipulate particles Noise: stylise motion graphic and title Fractal Noise: generate maps for distortion and atmospheres...

Why Does an Edit Feel Right? (According to Science) (13:00)

Emotional response rhythm in editing = “time + energy + movement, shaped by timing, pacing and trajectory phrasing” for the purpose of creating cycles of tension and release Knowledge embodiment = connect yourself to the movement Continual eye movement is not often best: smooth attention vs movement phrasing (rhythm) Kinesthetic imagination – let the audience imagine the in-betweens